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What is the purpose of the Veteran Golfers Association?
The VGA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit veteran and family development organization. Its purpose is to give veterans and their family members an opportunity to develop more active lifestyles, stronger bonds, and a competitive outlet through the game of golf.

Who can I contact to assist me with challenges joining the VGA or renewing my VGA membership?
If you are having any technical issues signing up or registering for the VGA, please contact the VGA IT Director, Joan Tishman at 503-510-8336 or

Once I have registered online to be a VGA member, how long does it take to process my membership?
Typically, it will take 3-5 business days to process your VGA membership. If you are having issues, please contact the VGA IT Director, Joan Tishman at 503-510-8336 or

I have downloaded the VGA App but cannot access it. What is the password?
The password for the VGA app for all VGA members is vgagolf (lowercase). A VGA member’s username will be the same as the username for the website. If you are still having issues, please contact the VGA IT Director, Joan Tishman at 503-510-8336 or

What are the costs to participate on the VGA Tour?
First, a player must be a VGA member. The annual membership dues are $40/yr, and is valid from January 1 thru December 31st each year. As a VGA member, you will have access to a VGA golf handicap index and the ability to register in more than 250 local VGA Tour tournaments.
  • Local VGA Tour  
    The VGA Tour lasts from March – July each year. Each tournament requires a $10 registration fee. Players are then required to pay for their greens fees and cart fees when they arrive at the golf course. Typically, those fees range from $35 to $55 per course, and are annotated on our tournament registration page on the member’s side of our website when you sign up for the event. 
    VGA members can compete in any VGA Tour event across the country, regardless of the region in which they reside. VGA members compete in one of five divisions – Veterans, Female, Combat Wounded (Purple Hearts Only), Family, and Senior. Each division is further broken down into flights, based on a player’s handicap index and skill level.
    Players earn 1 point for participation in a VGA Tour event, and 3 points for winning their flight in any VGA Tour event. Those players with the highest number of points earned throughout the VGA Tour season have priority when it comes to registering for the VGA Playoffs.
  • VGA Playoffs
    The VGA playoffs typically start in July/August.
  • VGA Sub Regionals are at the discretion of the VGA Regional Director. Each region can host up to 3 sub regional playoff tournaments prior to the VGA Super Regional. The cost for competing in a VGA Sub Regional is $99, and includes the greens fees and cart fees for 18 holes of competitive golf.

    Eligible players can compete in as many sub regional tournaments as they would like, given that there are slots available for them to do so. Forty players will advance from each sub regional to compete in the VGA Super Regional.
  • VGA Super Regionals – Each VGA Regional Director is required to host a VGA Super Regional tournament in their region. VGA Super Regional tournaments typically commence in August every year, and will host approximately 120 players.

    The cost for competing in a VGA Super Regional is $199, and includes the greens fees and cart fees for 36 holes of competitive golf. Eligible players can compete in as many Super Regional tournaments as they would like, given that there are slots available for them to do so. Twenty players from each Super Regional will advance to compete in the VGA Championship.
  • VGA National Championship 
    Approximately 80 players (20 from each region – North, South, Central, and West) will compete in the annual VGA National Championship. The VGA covers the following costs for players that advance to the VGA Championship: food, lodging & golf. Players are responsible for their own travel to and from the VGA Championship. Players are also required to bring a money order payable to the VGA for $100, which helps the VGA cover the costs associated with bags and gifts for the participants. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Veteran Golfers Association?
Active duty, retirees, and honorably discharged members of the armed forces that are either amateur or professional golfers are eligible to join and compete in the VGA. However, professional golfers or PGA pros must compete in the A-Flight or Championship flight, regardless of their handicap index.

Additionally, any family members whose grandparents, parents, spouse, siblings, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, have served in the armed forces are eligible to apply for VGA membership in the Family Division. Women, men, and children of veterans are encouraged to apply for VGA membership to join their loved ones on the golf course.

What is the duration of a VGA membership?
Your VGA membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st each year, and must be renewed annually.
What courses does the VGA play?
The VGA plays private, public, and MWR courses. Our goal is to play quality courses at the best price with the intent of securing 3-4 courses in each member’s home state throughout the season. Your VGA State and Regional Directors work hard to secure the best courses at the best possible rates to pass those savings onto all VGA members.

Is there a Senior Division?
Yes. The VGA Senior Division is for all VGA members over the age of 60 years old. These members will compete from the Senior’s tee box. However, some VGA members may qualify for multiple division; ie. a senior may also be a purple heart recipient and qualify for the combat wounded division. In this case, a player must declare which division they will compete in prior to the VGA Playoff events such as a VGA Super Regional tournament. The overall Gross winner and Net winner from the Senior VGA Championship will advance to compete in the VGA National Championship. The Net Winner will play in the Championship Flight at the VGA National Championship, and the Gross Winner will play in the corresponding flight to player’s index.

How can I compete with low handicap golfers?
All VGA events are flighted according to the player’s ability and USGA handicap index. The VGA is divided into flights based on an individual golfer’s skill level. The VGA does our best to make sure that players are competing against other players of similar skill and ability. Players are required to compete in their flight based off of their lowest verified golf handicap index over the past 6 months.

How is the VGA champion determined?
The overall VGA champion, male or female, must be a veteran and win the Championship Flight with the lowest overall gross score during the VGA National Championship.

How many flights are in the VGA?
The VGA consists of 5 divisions:
Veterans, Women, Combat Wounded, Family, and Senior
Each of those divisions contains 4 flights, including:
A Flight – 0-4.9 handicap (Gross Flight)
B Flight – 5-9.9 handicap (Gross Flight)
C Flight – 10-14.9 handicap (Gross Flight)
D Flight – 15+ (Net Flight)

What Tees would I be playing from?
Basically each Tee will be in the approximate range as follows:
Championship/A Flight: ~6,900 Yard (commonly Blue).
B, C, and D Flights: ~6,500 Yard (commonly White).
Females: ~5,700 Yard (commonly Red).
Seniors (A-D Flights, Ages 60-69): ~5,900 Yard (commonly Gold).
Super Seniors (A-D Flights, Ages 70+): ~5,700 Yard (commonly Red).

When does the season start and end?
The VGA Tour season begins March 1st and ends June 30th with the playoff season beginning July/August.

Is there a maximum score per hole?
To speed up events, the VGA imposes a 5 strokes over par maximum per hole.

How many Regions are there?
There are four Regions: North, South, Central, and West. Each region consists of 1 VGA Regional Director, and several VGA State Directors.

Do I have to qualify for the VGA National Tournament?
Yes. Twenty players from each Super Regional Tournament advance to the VGA National Championship.

What are the Prizes and Awards for VGA Events?
Typically, players receive a VGA Medal for winning a local or regional event.

Are there discounts for families with multiple VGA memberships?
No. Each VGA member enrolls as an individual. Family members are always welcome, and get an equal opportunity to compete in our events through our Family Division.

Are there membership recruiting incentives?
Yes. The VGA's current membership recruiting incentive is The Drive 4 Five. If you recruit five new members from November 1st - February 28th, your $40 membership fee is waived for the year.

How do I get involved to support the VGA or become a sponsor?
Please send us an email to

The VGA does not have a tournament in my area. How can I bring one here?
If you are interested in hosting a VGA Tour event in your area, please contact one of your Regional Directors:
South Region: 1SG Gary Yeatts –
North Region: CW3 Tim Robinson –
Central Region: SGT John Teller –
West Region: Lucas O’Neill –


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