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It's More Than Just A Game

The Armed Forces Cup was created to reward those VGA members with the most participation throughout the VGA Tour season in a Ryder Cup styled match play championship between branches.

This year, our championship field consists of five service branch teams representing the top VGA points earners per branch per region. Each player’s selection is a testament to their dedication to the VGA, their service to our country, and their love of the game of golf.


The Veteran Golfers Association is dedicated to enriching the lives of Veterans and their family members through the sportsmanship and camraderie of golf.

29-31 MAY 2021

Pinehurst, NC 28374
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Meet The Players

Air force

Lucas O'Neill
Bob Berger
Rick Frechette
Kevin Frey
Richard Knepp
Robert Powell
Phillip Ritchie
George Vasiloff
Scott Winkler
Jakob Won


Aaron Ojard
Darren Blackwell
David Gonzales
Robert Goode
James Legg
Debbie Melecosky
Tim Melecosky
Rick Roberts
Ronald Russell
James Saddler

Marine Corps

John Teller
James Brooks
John Burns
Jium Csogi
David Leak
Steve Martinez
Stephen Salaki
Walter Staheli
Joseph Suhayda
Brian Thompson

Coast Guard

Deane Stewart
Austin Favor
Gene Harney
Brice Hedin
Jacob Halligan
Jeelasak Klankwamdee
Timothy Lannan
Richard Oakes
Todd Powell
Chris Trimble


Gary Yeatts
Derrick Fore
Charles C Mathews
Tim Oakley
Joshua Peyton
Richard Shepherd
Patti Shoefstall
Eddie Shrote
Robin Stanton
Tim Stanton